Three September Events Offer Seasonal Joy to Residents of The Avenue at South Orange

Many fall events can be found close to the luxury apartment complex

September heralds the end of summer and the beginning of fall. Lazy days of relaxing by the pool are replaced by going back to school, while barbecue grills move from the deck to the tailgate as football season starts up. Holidays like Halloween and Christmas seem far off, but that does not mean there isn’t fun to be had. There are lots of great September events found close to The Avenue at South Orange, New Jersey, that will make residents fall in love with the autumn season.

One enjoyable aspect of September for the 17,021 individuals living in South Orange, New Jersey, is the fact the temperature cools down from the previous months of oppressive summer heat. (1) The average high temperature of 86º in July and 85º in August drops down to a far more comfortable 78º in September. (2)

The best thing about cooler weather for those living at The Avenue at South Orange is that outdoor activities are far more comfortable and not the blast furnace endurance test undertaken during the summer months. One great destination for outdoor fun is the Pine Barrens, a heavily forested area that was designated an International Biosphere Reserve in 1988. Encompassing over 1.1 million acres, Pine Barrens is larger than either the Grand Canyon or Yosemite national parks. (3) There are a lot of outdoor activities to do in in Pine Barrens, such as hiking, hunting, camping, canoeing, fishing, horseback riding, cycling, and kayaking. Visitors can explore the historic Whitesbog Village, a company town that was founded in the 1870s that became the largest cranberry farm in the New Jersey. Batsto Village is another historic settlement found in the Pine Barrens, and this town is comprised of 33 historic buildings and structures, with the Batsto Mansion open for tours.

History comes alive for residents of The Avenue at the Spirit of the Jerseys History Fair. This event takes place on September 14th at Monmouth Battlefield State Park. (4) Some of the activities at the fair include how ice cream was made in the 18th century, the singing of sea shanties from the Sea Dogs musical group, the demonstration of the foodways of the Lenape tribe by two historical interpreters, songs from the WWI era, and baseball played using 19th century rules. Actors will bring a number of historical figures to life at the fair, such as George Washington; Molly Pitcher, the heroine of the Battle of Monmouth; Catherine Van Burg, an eyewitness to the Battle of Monmouth; Walt Whitman; Abraham Lincoln; Amelia Earhart; Theodore Roosevelt; and Hercules, George Washington’s chef at Mount Vernon.

The spookiness associated with Halloween comes early with the advent of the official Supernatural convention in Secaucus, New Jersey. This convention runs from September 27th through the 29th and features the TV show’s main stars as well as many supporting characters. (5) Fans will love to sit in on a panel featuring Jensen Ackles, Jared Padalecki, and Misha Collins. Other notable cast members of the long-running CW show that will be attending include Lisa Berry, Kim Rhodes, Matt Cohen, Ruth Connell, Briana Buckmaster, Adam Rose, Gabriel Tigerman, Jeffery Vincent Parise, and Rachel Miner. There will be multiple panels at the convention, photo ops, and the ability to get autographs. Ruth Connell is hosting a bus tour of select magical locations in New York City on September 26th, the day before the convention officially starts.

Cynthia Hernandez of The Avenue at South Orange says, “September is always such an interesting month due to the substantial change between summer and fall. Kids go back to school, the temperature starts to finally drop down a bit, football season kicks off, and agricultural festivals pop up all over the state. It’s kind of amazing how many events there are in September. I know we have a number of residents here at The Avenue that love history, so they always make sure to attend the Spirit of the Jerseys History Fair. I have to admit watching old-time baseball is pretty fun and interesting. Pine Barrens sees an increase in visitation from our residents due to the cooler weather, and it is pretty nice to camp out during the fall after a busy day of hiking and horseback riding. One event I’m really looking forward to is the Supernatural convention. I’ve been a huge fan of the show and am sad to know that it’s nearing the end, but I’ve managed to snag a photo op with Misha Collins. A lot of my friends prefer the Winchester brothers, but my vote has always been for Castiel. Overall, September is jam-packed with events, ranging from concerts to harvest festivals to Oktoberfest celebrations.” (6)







6) Quote from Cynthia Hernandez of The Avenue at South Orange