Spring into Sunny Spring!

Kick off March right this year and celebrate Women’s History Month by taking a walking tour and watching the Windows for Women art display throughout The Village’s business (1)! If something catches your eye, stop by and support those women-owned businesses that empower and authenticate The Village’s charm.

If you are looking for something tasty and different, look no further. If you were not aware, Tito’s Burritos is not only famous for its incredible burritos and amazing tacos, but it is home of the 4-pound taco that is a must for anyone to try (2)! This famous meal is known as “Fat Amy” and while it may seem intimidating, it is absolutely delicious and shareable, so don’t worry on not finishing it in one sitting (2). Tito’s Burritos can be found at the heart of South Orange Village, in Summit, Ridgewood or Boonton! So, try it once at every location!

Looking for something special to do with the family, Westfield presents Glo Downtown (3)! Find glowing seesaws for all friends and family members all free (3)! Additionally, take advantage of Westfield’s special deals and incredible ice cream or coffee shops! After creating moments at the glowing seesaws, take a short walk to Kilwin’s well-known for their old-fashioned homemade treats and ice cream!

Outdoor Fun in 2021

As winter slowly makes its exit, it may be a great idea to get a head start on listing Spring/Summer events you don’t want to miss or at least have back up plans for when those events may be sold out due to guest occupancy limits. Here are some fun outdoor events to plan for ahead of time:

-Get beach passes early! It sounds unusual to think about beach passes this early in March, but some towns are already sold out and not providing beach passes like Spring Lake (4). So, if you are planning some beach fun this spring/summer look into it now!

-Available now, (or for at a later time) rail biking! Ride through some beautiful scenes of abandoned railroad tracks turned into cycling routes (5). Bikes are coupled together in twos so bring a friend or loved one or a group to enjoy this new adventure (5)! For details, check out: https://www.revrail.com/cape-may-nj

-Get your heart racing with indoor skydiving (6)! No need to jump off a plane, this adventure is available year-round and a great experience with friends and family, so take a group for a birthday or some fun! Float in the air at iFly in Paramus (6). This is also an excellent tester if you are contemplating someday to do the real deal! Click https://www.iflyworld.com/paramus/ to learn more.

-Plan ahead and get ready for great times! If you’re looking for a great place to zip line or walk among the trees, Cape May County Park and Zoo is it (7). Here you will find Tree-to-Tree Adventure Park where you’ll reach heights of up to 40 feet in the air (7). There are 4 treetop course and two children courses, so there’s something for every skill level (7).

-If you are looking for some fun now, Diggerland is ready for guests! Find one of the tallest rope courses and much more for a day of fun with the family! Check out times and dates and make a reservation today: https://www.diggerlandusa.com/tickets/

To The Avenue Residents:

As always, to all residents, friends, guests and even our furry friends, please stay safe and wear a mask at all times possible when outside of one’s apartment. When considering visiting any of the mentioned events, please take a few moments to look through sites for information on safety protocols and sanitation guidelines.

-The Team at The Avenue


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