Spring Allows Residents of The Avenue at South Orange to Enjoy the Great Outdoors

Everyone loves Christmas with all its festive cheer and gift-giving. However, the cold of winter that accompanies the holiday is usually met with far less enthusiasm. Getting through the cold winter months takes a great deal of preparation, not to mention lots of clothing layers whenever one ventures outdoors. Such reasons are why people are so happy when spring rolls around and the natural landscape once again bursts with new life. Another benefit of the spring season is that many outdoor activities that were hard, or even impossible, to do during winter can now be enjoyed as the temperature rises. Those living at The Avenue at South Orange, New Jersey, are thrilled that a lot of fun outdoor activities can be found close at hand to the luxury apartment complex.

The 16,319 individuals who call South Orange, New Jersey, home are always happy to greet a new spring season. The heavy winter coats and mufflers can be cast off in favor of lighter, less cumbersome, clothing. The end of winter sees the average high temperature for Rahway increase from 39°F in January and 42°F in February to 51°F in March and 62°F in April. (1)

One reason why residents of The Avenue at South Orange look forward to spring is that the community garden opens up once again. The South Orange Community Garden is a recreational, organic community garden where interested residents can purchase a permit to use one of the garden’s plots. The community garden opens up in late March and operates from either 8am to 8pm or dawn to dusk. (2) Those who don’t wish to garden a plot can still enjoy the sights and fragrances of the community garden itself.

A popular locale for outdoor spring activities is the South Mountain Reservation. The Reservation is a nature reserve that covers 2,110 acres and features hiking trails, a Girl Scout camp, fishing spots, carriage roads for jogging or horseback riding, a wildlife refuge, and picnic areas. (3) Spring Mountain Reservation also boasts a dog park that is split into two sections: a 1.3 acre lot for big dogs and a 0.7 acre lot for small dogs. Also featured is the Wildflower Sculpture Park that showcases four distinct sculptures located within the beautiful confines of the Wildflower Preserve.

Those living at the luxurious The Avenue love visiting any of the ten parks located in South Orange. These ten parks encompass over 77 acres and feature a multitude of outdoor activities perfect for spring, such as tennis courts, horseshoes, bocce, softball and baseball fields, basketball courts, picnic areas, walking and jogging trails, and more. (4)

Cynthia Hernandez of The Avenue at South Orange notes, “By late January, I’m sick of the cold weather so I’m always happy when spring finally arrives. A lot of our residents, and myself included, love to be active outdoors, which can be hassle during winter. Fortunately, the warmer weather allows us to run outside and enjoy nature in extreme comfort. I always love to see how the community garden shapes up every year, and the Rahway River offers ample opportunity for canoeing or kayaking. The South Mountain Reservation is a popular spring destination due to its many amenities, such as the hiking trails and sculptures. Personally, I love trekking to view the 25-foot Hemlock Falls located in the Reservation. Another great spot is Washington Rock, the location of a beacon established by George Washington to observe British troop movements on Staten Island and New York City. Also located in the South Mountain Reservation is the incredible Turtle Back Zoo as well as the Safari Mini Golf course, which my friends and I love to play at. Families living at The Avenue really enjoy visiting the nearby Regatta Playground in West Orange. The Regatta Playground is an aquatic-themed park that has a 1.7 mile walking path that circles the reservoir, paddle boats, picnic area, and a playground designed for very young children. It’s amazing to think of how many different activities one can find so close to the apartment complex when winter ends and spring begins.” (5)


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