A November in 2020: The Avenue of South Orange

End-of-year holidays are upon us and 2021 is around the corner! With so much to do, plan and decide on how to celebrate the holidays, many families more than ever are considering if it is best to gather together at all, celebrate virtually or outdoors. No matter how families decide to enjoy thanksgiving and the upcoming holidays, the CDC offers suggestions on how to celebrate during the pandemic. Some of the CDC’s suggestions worth considering are a virtual thanksgiving celebration, gathering with household members only, if hosting, gathering outdoors instead of indoors, limit the number of your attendees, consider your attendee’s community COVID-19 cases and decide based on that information, get tested before and after the holidays, and stay home as much as possible after celebrating with relatives who have traveled out-of-state, distant towns, or out of the country (1). For more information, visit cdc.gov.

For The Avenue’s families looking to celebrate without the hassle of clean up after cooking or baking, it might be worthwhile to check out Honey Baked Ham for turkeys, sides, or starters among many other options for an easy, stress-free thanksgiving dinner. Honey Baked Ham offers three different turkey flavors all with flavorful zest and a delicate sweet hint! All meals are ready-to-serve and saves plenty of time. If you’ve never tried this specialty, take a quick visit at near-by store in West Caldwell for a taste like no other. Visit the webpage to order ahead of time before they are out of stock at https://shipping.honeybaked.com/ (2)

Let Bistro d’Azur cook for you on Thanksgiving Day (3)! Enjoy a superb holiday meal by ordering in advance to simply pick-up your dinner on Thanksgiving Day. This is excellent for intimate gatherings and those who want to take more time to enjoy the day in each other’s company. Visit to view that Thanksgiving menu and pre-order at https://www.bistrodazur.com/thanksgiving (4)

Another incredible option to order dishes from is the Whole Foods Market holiday catering menu. You can expect the same great quality food ready to go or delivered to your door! Whole Foods Market offers a variety of meals to choose from at differently priced packages. Enjoy excellent food without the hassle at home! To learn more, visit: https://www.wholefoodsmarket.com/departments/catering/holiday-catering (5)

Starting November 19th up to Christmas Eve, The Village in South Orange will be hosting an Open-Air Holiday Market for the season (6)! Find finely crafted jewelry, apparel, accessories, art, gifts, and much much more all crafted by local craftspeople (6). Leave your Thursday evening open to visit the market from 4 PM to 8 PM.












Things to do in November

There’s so much more to November than just one of America’s favorite holiday, so if you’re looking for fun things to do during the weekend, days off, or are looking for new exciting experiences, you might want to check out any of these activities near-by:

  • Lumino City: Buy tickets in advance before they are sold out due to limited capacity! A great way to spend the evening with family, this large park offers lit up trails of beautiful light art installations. All outdoor and full of adventure, take many pictures of the family and memories to keep. Visit Randells Island Park in New York open from 4:00 to 10:00 PM (7). Check out this link to learn more: https://www.luminocityfestival.com/
  • Artechouse: get immersed in one of the best technological advanced art platforms in the world. An excellent indoor experience especially for those colder days, this art museum accepts tickets at limited capacity only with strict COVID-19 guidelines. Tickets start at $24.00 per person and are discounted for seniors, first responders, and children. This art museum is also children-friendly and children under four enter for free (8)! https://www.artechouse.com/nyc
  • Kings Cooking Studio: register for a cooking class in Short Hills. This culinary school is an excellent family fun experience. There are many different options of classes to register including for kids, couples, baking classes, holiday cooking courses, or sharpen your knife skills with cook experts. This can also work as a great holiday gift for those that love to cook or are looking to expand their skills in the kitchen. For more information, https://kingsfoodmarkets.com/cooking-studio (9)
  • Little Fox Kitchen: If you rather not attend in-person cooking classes, Little Fox Kitchen is for you! Little Fox Kitchen in-person classes are suspended for the moment, but they are offering excellent cooking or baking classes where some of the classes have optional purchase kits with necessary tools and items to cook with. Cook dishes such as Spanish Tapa and Sangria, Risotto with Porcini Mushrooms, or Chocolate Soufflé with English Custard Cream or English Tea Scones and Jam Butter! Class prices vary between $48-$58 so hurry and visit the Little Fox Kitchen webpage before registrations are sold out (10)! https://littlefoxkitchen.com/
  • Express Yourself Studios: A great way to escape the daily routine, this art may not have on-site sessions available, but they do have virtual art sessions where families can join each other in making fun memories. For $35.00, each Saturday you can spend the early afternoon creating a special piece of art or create something to give a loved one for the holidays. For a list of what items to have at hand and to register for classes, visit: https://www.expressyourselfstudiosllc.com/store/p1756/Family_Art_-_Virtual_Art_Sessions_-_Saturday%2C_November_14.html (11)
  • Holiday Wine Festival at Six Flags: Although there won’t be a safari wine festival at Six Flags this year, the wine festival will still go on! Plan in advance for November 14 and 15 for a great wine tasting experience with wines blends provided from 8 local wineries (12). Tickets are on sale now and safety protocols are set in place. Enjoy the cool November weather among loved ones at Six Flags and some great wine blends. Visit https://www.sixflags.com/greatadventure/events/wine-fest to buy tickets today.

A Word to Our Residents at The Avenue

As the end-of-year holidays approach us, it is imperative for our residents and our community to continue being mindful of the pandemic’s current rising numbers. With the flu season upon us, we continuously request our residents to use the sanitation stations and continue to protect yourselves and the community by wearing masks, especially in the hallways of the property. Avoid large indoor gatherings and practice social distancing at all times possible. Additionally, starting November 12th, Governor Murphy has announced new restrictions that prohibits indoor dining from 10:00 PM to 5:00 AM, and all barside seating is prohibited (13).

A Happy Thanksgiving and November to All

 -The Team at The Avenue


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