As Leaves Change Color, Residents of The Avenue at South Orange Enjoy Fall-Related Activities

Every season has a reason why people look forward to it. Summer offers children time off from school and the opportunity for a family vacation. Winter is denoted by the Christmas season, which is then followed by the celebration for a New Year. Spring is the time of renewal as the cold, dreary winter gives way to the return of green growth and warmer temperatures. However, there’s always been something special about fall when it comes to New England. People look forward to sharing a blanket while watching a football game, enjoying the toasting of marshmallows at night over a roaring fire, and seeing the foliage turn from green into a rich tapestry of reds, yellows, and browns. Fall truly brings a number of seasonal events. Luckily for the residents of The Avenue at South Orange, New Jersey, quite a few of these events can be found nearby.

The 16,319 people that live in South Orange look forward to when the temperature begins to drop and the leaves change color. (1) Parents who live at the luxurious The Avenue breathe a sigh of relief when fall rolls around as that means school is back in session. Children are once again forced to enter the hallowed halls of learning. On the positive side, sports and club activities once again start taking place in the area’s nine schools.

The township of South Orange has a number of fun events lined up for the fall. First, there is the Two Towns Triathlon for Kids on September 8th. This event features swimming, running, and biking and is designed for children between the ages of 7 and 14. Then on September 14th, the Community Campout takes place where groups can reserve a free campsite in the New Waterlands Park. This event allows families to enjoy a night of camping in the relative comfort in one of the township’s parks. Equipment will be available for those who wish to play Frisbee, kickball, and volleyball.

There are two other local events that residents of The Avenue at South Orange are looking forward to. One is a baseball game on September 15th that will be played by 19th century rules. The Flemington, New Jersey, Neshanock team will play a game against volunteers from the local community. The game will be played bare-handed, and the Neshanock team will be in period uniforms. The other event is PlayDay South Orange, which takes place on September 16th. (2) This special event is one where locals and visitors can gather and just play and have fun. There will be street games, music, table games, athletic tournaments, inflatable games, fitness events, and art installations.

One of the hallmarks for fall is Oktoberfest. Luckily for those living at The Avenue at South Orange, there are multiple Oktoberfest celebrations happening within a short commute. The Oktoberfest and International Food Festival in Woodland Park happens on September 22nd. (3) This event features live music, craft beers, and fun competitions, such as keg stacking, corn hole, and stein hoisting. St. Mary’s Oktoberfest takes place on September 28th in Nutley and features live music, tasty German food, and seasonal and craft spirits. There are two Oktoberfest celebrations occurring on September 29th. The first is the Ales ‘N Tails Oktoberfest held at the Essex County Turtle Back Zoo in West Orange. The second is Downtown Somerville’s Oktoberfest in Somerville. Both events feature live music, vendors, and special craft beers.

Cynthia Hernandez of The Avenue at South Orange says, “What’s not to love about fall? The weather is cooler, which makes the days more comfortable and camping out at night more fun. Football season kicks into gear, and I know the parents at The Avenue sigh with relief as their kids slowly march off to school. Personally, I love walking through the parks and down the many trails around South Orange to watch how lovely it gets as the leaves change color.

There are plenty of fun seasonal events to go to. If you’re a fan of beer, there are quite a few Oktoberfest celebrations going on where you can have a great time. Our local township has some great events, such as the 19th century-era baseball game. One particular event I’m looking forward to is the Paranormal Cirque in nearby Livingston. This is a must-see performance of magic and athleticism presented with European style. The majority of the shows are for adults, but there are a number of kid-friendly performances. Also in the macabre vein, there are quite a few Halloween attractions opening up in late September and early October. There’s the family-friendly Fairfield Farms that features hayrides, pumpkin picking, and a corn maze. Then there’s the extremely scary Brighton Asylum in Passaic and the Bane Haunted House in Livingston. Both of these attractions feature live actors, terrifying effects, and extreme immersion. One of the joys of the fall season is getting to enjoy a few scares and then laughing about it later.” (4)

4) Quote from Cynthia Hernandez of The Avenue