***This affects your Renewal & Residency***

The Avenue at South Orange (Elias Mallouk Realty Corporation) now requires all new residents and current residents renewing their lease contract to obtain liability insurance of at least $100,000 through the duration of your lease contract. In addition, you are strongly encouraged to obtain personal property insurance through the duration of your lease contract since you are not covered by our community’s insurance policy.

Note: You may be held responsible for damage to your apartment that you or your guests may accidentally cause.
For your convenience, our community is working with a leading insurance company to offer pre-approved, low-cost insurance protection. The eRenterPlan insurance products offer affordable coverage options designed specifically for residents of professionally managed apartment communities and are automatically available to you as a resident of this community. Purchasing through LeasingDesk provides the following benefits:

  • Residents are pre-approved for coverage and there is no application to complete. Other companies typically require a 3 – 4-page application.
  • eRenterPlan enrollment takes minutes and the policy is effective the same day you sign up.
  • Residents listed on the lease (either as leaseholders or occupants) are covered under one policy for up to
  • This insurance will protect your personal property from accidental loss or damage as well as provide liability coverage to third parties for your accidental and negligent acts.
  • eRenterPlan insures against lightning, theft and burglary, water, wind, and fire. Most insurance companies provide burglary coverage, but not a loss from theft. Coverage also includes dog bites with no breed restrictions.
  • The eRenterPlan includes $100,000 liability insurance and the option of $10K*/20K/30K/40K Personal Property Insurance coverage. Personal Property coverage is for replacement cost vs. actual cost value. Since the resident’s personal belongings are not covered by our community’s insurance policy, it is important for you to obtain personal property coverage.

Please contact the Leasing Office for the eRenterPlan brochure or contact LeasingDesk via:
Email: (24 hours a day, 7 days a week); or
Phone: (888) 205-8118 to speak to customer service (MON. – FRI. 7 AM TO 9 PM; SAT. & SUN. 7 AM TO 4 PM EASTERN)

Upon enrollment, eRenterPlan will automatically forward your Declaration Page to management. If you are currently on a Month-to-Month status or elect for a Month-to-Month status upon expiration of your current lease, you are still required to provide proof of required insurance coverage within a reasonable and/or designated amount of time.
If you elect to obtain coverage from another insurance carrier, you will be required to furnish a Declaration Page of coverage for each resident that reflects your current address, the name of your insurance company, the policy number, and the effective and expiration dates of your policy that must be current. Management must be in receipt of a signed lease renewal letter and acceptable Declaration Page of Insurance Coverage to generate a new lease for you. In addition, you MUST add our property as “Interested Party” or “Certificate Holder”. This is for us to be notified if your policy is canceled anytime during your tenure with our property. DO NOT add our property as “Additional Insured.”

The Avenue at South Orange (Elias Mallouk Realty Corporation)
9 Vose Avenue
South Orange, New Jersey 07079

A resident of this community is in violation of the lease agreement if coverage is not in place during the entire term
Thank you for your continued residency at The Avenue at South Orange (Elias Mallouk Realty Corporation). We appreciate your cooperation during
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