Some Handy Suggestions for Decorating on a Budget for Residents of The Avenue at South Orange

Decorating an apartment does not have to put one in the poorhouse

People put a lot of thought and consideration into where they choose to live. They often factor in the quality of life, proximity to work, and the local educational system when making their decision. A lot of people choose South Orange, New Jersey, as a place to live due to its proximity to Seton Hall University and a quick commute to New York City. The quaint gaslight atmosphere of the town is a marked contrast to the hustle and bustle of the Big Apple. Once a place is chosen, then the battle to properly decorate a home or apartment begins. Fortunately for the residents of The Avenue at South Orange, there are plenty of ways to decorate an apartment while keeping to a fiscally-frugal budget.

The 15,963 inhabitants of South Orange are just like those of any other community. (1) They wish to live in a gracious manner without breaking the bank. This can be hard to do when first moving into an apartment, such as those at The Avenue. The average cost of decorating an apartment is an eye-watering $8,176. (2) The kitchen and dining room account for $1,433 (and this is without having to buy appliances), while the bedroom averages out to $3,586. However, the good news is that there are ways to keep to a sensible budget when outfitting an apartment.

One way to inexpensively decorate an apartment is to seek out furnishings from a local thrift shop. Residents of The Avenue at South Orange are fortunate to have several quality thrift shops located close to the apartment complex. Some of these shops are Inspirations Family, Save & Rave Consignment Shop, Divine Integrated Services Wholesale, and Retail Store, Thriftique Warehouse, and The Jumble Store. If one is looking to help out a worthy cause while saving money on decorating needs, they can shop at Goodwill or the Center For Hospice Care Thrift Shop.

A tried-and-true method for saving some cash while decorating is to reupholster old furniture instead of replacing it, especially if the furniture is of high quality. There are a good number of upholstery shops located close to The Avenue, such as Ultimate Upholstery & Drapery, Interior Craft Upholstery, Window 25 LLC, and All Furniture Services LLC. Perhaps a dresser or table just needs some minor refurbishing and a new coat of paint or stain to look brand new. One could also repurpose items, such as using old wooden crates to make a bookcase or combining the crates with an old door to make a unique table.

A person could score some quality art or knickknacks by going to a local art and craft show. The Westfield Street Fair & Craft Show is set to take place on June 8th while the Fine Art & Crafts at Brookdale Park event takes place on June 15th and 16th. (3) One could score some great conversation pieces, such as pottery or paintings, for their apartment without having to spend a fortune. Another good option for decorating on a budget is to comb through sites like Etsy to look for quality art and crafts at bargain prices.

Cynthia Hernandez of The Avenue at South Orange says, “There’s no need to seek out a bank loan in order to decorate your apartment. There are lots of ways to make your apartment shine while also adhering to a sensible budget. My favorite method is to cruise around and check out yard sales. A lot of families have a ton of furnishings taking up attic space due to the fact they’ve lived here for generations. Attending estate sales is always a must, and I do recommend utilizing the area’s thrift shops to make your decorating dollar stretch as far as possible. Another option, if you’re handy, is to jazz up your curtains and furniture by adding embellishments. It’s always worthwhile to keep an eye out for hidden treasures. A dresser that looks beat up could become as good as new if the old paint is stripped off and a new coat of stain or paint is applied. A little ingenuity goes a long way in decorating your apartment on a budget.” (4)





4) Quote from Cynthia Hernandez of The Avenue at South Orange