An Evening in NYC or A Day Trip to Princeton

The rush of the holiday season leaves January feeling easy. Although the pandemic still maneuvers the current pace of life, especially those with underlying health conditions, families are still looking forward to making the best of what there is to offer especially during these winter months. However one decides to spend winter days, it is of importance to always follow safety protocols.

South Orange Village Holidays in 2020

After a long year, there is much needed holiday cheer and 2020 deserves it more than ever before! Even though this year has taken a toll of many lives, there were countless moments where families received that much needed embrace of support, where heroes were acknowledged more than ever and that sense of hope for normality feels much closer than before.

A November in 2020: The Avenue of South Orange

End-of-year holidays are upon us and 2021 is around the corner! With so much to do, plan and decide on how to celebrate the holidays, many families more than ever are considering if it is best to gather together at all, celebrate virtually or outdoors. No matter how families decide to enjoy thanksgiving and the upcoming holidays, the CDC offers suggestions on how to celebrate during the pandemic.

Blue Skies and A Happy Halloween

Surrounded by colored leaves and chilly days, The South Mountain Reservation transforms from green lush to a orange ombre effect as beautiful as the setting sun. While COVID-19 continues to present itself all over the nation, we prepare for another year of celebrations accustomed to the essential preparedness and new daily protocols as demanded by COVID-19. Forced to cancel some of the most sought out parades of the year, Hoboken and NYC will not be holding Halloweens parades. However, many events will go on and some as thrilling and frightening as any other Halloween event.