Residents of The Avenue at South Orange Find Spooky Fun at Three Halloween Events

Those living at the luxury apartment complex can easily find chilling seasonal fun

There are a lot of reasons to enjoy October. The playoffs for Major League Baseball take place, college football is in full swing, and the temperature drops down to a very comfortable level. However, the best reason for enjoying October is due to Halloween, the ghoulish holiday that people of all ages enjoy. A whopping 180 million Americans took part in Halloween activities in 2018 in addition to $9 billion being spent. (1) Those living at The Avenue in South Orange, New Jersey, can easily get into the macabre spirit as there are plenty of Halloween events found close to the luxury apartment complex.

The 16,743 people living in South Orange, New Jersey, throw themselves into celebrating Halloween every year. Practically every shop features spooky decorations and carved pumpkins abound. Residents of The Avenue find seasonal thrills and chills at the 13th Hour attraction in nearby Wharton. This attraction runs on the weekends through November 2nd, as well as on three Thursdays (October 17th, 24th, and 31st). (3) 13th Hour features three very scary haunted houses: The House of Nightmares, The Attack, and The Darkside of the Hayden House. The events take place on two floors and feature movie quality sets and special effects. On Thursday nights in October, 13th Hour features murder mystery nights where visitors will travel through the terrifying haunted house while looking for clues to solve a gruesome murder. There are also six 60-minute escape rooms for groups to tackle: The Trophy Room, John Hayden Room, The Great Room, The Cookhouse, The Dungeon, and The Grand Parlor. It is recommended that children be at least 8 years old to enter the attraction.

A popular Halloween destination for those living at The Avenue at South Orange is the C. Casola Farms Haunted Attractions. This attraction is open from 7pm to 11pm on Fridays and Saturdays throughout October and from 7pm to 10pm on Sundays and Halloween night. (4) Visitors can enjoy five different attractions at the C. Casola Farms Haunted Attractions: Haunted Hayride of Terror, 3D Haunted Barn, The Haunted Wooden Trail, The Living Maze, and The Marlboro Zombie Breakout. The Living Maze is known for disorientating people with its many twists and turns, not to mention scares. The Marlboro Zombie Breakout features paintball action as the army truck visitors ride in is equipped with paintball guns mounted on the sides, allowing riders to blaze away at the zombie horde.

The pinnacle of Halloween horror can be found at Bane, the haunted house located just across the Hudson River in New York City. Residents of The Avenue love getting the life scared out of them at Bane as they know Buzzfeed has dubbed the attraction one of the most terrifying haunted houses in America. Unlike most other haunted houses, Bane does not use any animatronics. Instead, there are over a hundred live actors just looking to frighten visitors as they make their way through the 40,000 square foot attraction. (5) Visitors will have to climb, spin, and even crawl to make their way to the exit and safety. Due to the extreme scares, it is recommended that children be at least 12 years old to experience the attraction. Bane also features two escape rooms for those who want to face a challenging puzzle instead of unrelenting horror. An interesting option for visitors is the virtual reality escape room, The Offering. Players wear virtual reality googles and a backpack as they interact with party members while freely moving around the gaming space.

Cynthia Hernandez of The Avenue at South Orange says, “Halloween is my favorite holiday, and I love that I can enjoy it for an entire month. It’s great to watch horror and sci-fi movie marathons on TV or go to a costume party. One of the benefits of living at The Avenue is that there are tons of different Halloween attractions that are within a short commute from the apartment complex. The 13th Hour haunted house is a definite yes for attending as the level of detail of the sets are mind-boggling. Some friends of mine love the difficulty of navigating The Living Maze at C. Casola Farms Haunted Attractions, but my favorite is the 3D Haunted Barn. The sets are delightfully gory, and the actors really throw themselves into their roles as they do their best to scare you. Of course, a favorite of our residents is Bane, one of the scariest haunted houses I’ve ever been in. You really have to work to get out, and there are times you’ll literally have to push past an actor to get to the next area. Those wishing to help the LGBTQ community can do so by attending the Pride Night Out event on October 26th and 27th. This fun event features a costume contest, live DJ, raffle, dancing, and more. Proceeds will benefit the Gay Men’s Health Crisis and North Jersey Pride. The amount of Halloween chills and scares you can find is amazing as there are so many themed attractions located just a few minutes from The Avenue.” (6)







6) Quote from Cynthia Hernandez of The Avenue at South Orange