How to Choose the Perfect Apartment at The Avenue at South Orange


Whenever a person decides to move, there are quite a few decisions that have to be made. Each individual has their own unique criteria for where they wish to live and exactly what they’re looking for. Some may want to be located close to work whilst others want to live in an exciting and energetic neighborhood. There are those who want the local education to be of the utmost quality for their children, and most people want an area to be low in crime and high in character. For such reasons, many people choose to live in South Orange, New Jersey. Choices always have to be made when deciding on where to live, and more choices await once a person decides to reside at The Avenue apartment complex in South Orange. There is a very diverse array of floor plans from which to pick, but there ways to determine the perfect apartment at The Avenue at South Orange.

One reason why many individuals and families choose to reside in South Orange, New Jersey, is the town’s quaint atmosphere. The town only has a population of 16,198 individuals, and it does feature a strong history going back to when settlers first arrived in 1666 and bought land from the Lenni Lenape Indians. (1) Then there’s the historic ambience generated by the town’s 1,438 gas lamps that light the streets for which the village is known for. (2) Seton Hall University, which was founded in 1856 and boasts an enrollment total of 10,200 students, is only located ten minutes from The Avenue at South Orange, so many of those attending or working at the university choose to live at the luxury apartment complex. (3)

Another reason why many individuals choose to live in South Orange and at The Avenue, specifically, is due to the close proximity to Manhattan. The township resides 18 miles from Manhattan, which can be reached with a 30 minute train ride. (4) This allows a person to work in Manhattan but live in South Orange, New Jersey, with relative ease. This is also much easier on the bank account as the average monthly rent for a one bedroom apartment in New York City is $2,745 while a two bedroom apartment goes for $3,461. (5)

Choosing the right apartment at The Avenue at South Orange can require a bit of work. Overall, there are 43 different floor plans to choose from, ranging from single bedroom apartments up to three bedrooms. Most single individuals will usually opt for a one bedroom apartment, but a two bedroom apartment might be suitable for those looking to have a home office. However, the H2 floor plan, which has one bedroom, does offer a library room that could easily be used for an office or workspace. One of the benefits of having so many different floor plans is that there’s a wide range of space available. The size of an apartment can range from 837 square feet up to a staggering 2,500 square feet. (6) Many apartments feature lofts which are handy for extra storage or for creating a fun space for activities, which is quite handy if one has children. All loft apartments feature classic oak tread stairs with custom rails.

One feature that many people love is a walk-in closet, and quite a few floor plans at The Avenue at South Orange have this feature. The one bedroom Unit L has a walk-in closet, as do the Unit A Loft, Unit C4, and Unit J1 Loft two bedroom apartment styles. Every apartment also features dramatic nine-foot ceilings and designer carpet in all the bedrooms. Families will definitely opt for one of the two or three bedroom floor plans, depending upon how many children they have or how many bathrooms are needed.

Cynthia Hernandez of The Avenue at South Orange says, “It can take some major decision making to have a new tenant pick one our 43 different floor plans. Two of the main things that people take under consideration is how big their family is and how much room will they need. It’s fortunate that we offer three bedroom floor plans for those with several children, and our loft apartments are perfect for creating a play area that’s self-contained and away from the living and dining rooms. We even have apartments that have sunrooms or open out onto a terrace for those who want a taste of the outdoors. My favorite apartment style is the huge K1 Loft that comes in at 2,500 square feet. This massive apartment has three bedrooms, two walk-in closets, three bathrooms, a powder room, and a nice loft area to boot. Whatever your specific needs are, we’re certain that we have a floor plan that will meet them completely.” (7)

Choosing to live in South Orange, New Jersey, is only half the battle. The other half is deciding on which of the 43 different floor plans offered by The Avenue comply with everything that an individual or family is looking for. If one works from home, then a one bedroom apartment with a den or library would be a good fit or perhaps a two bedroom layout would be best if one wishes some extra room or the convenience of a second bathroom for friends. Families with several children have the luxury of selecting one of the three bedroom floor plans, and those looking for some extra storage space or an activity area can choose a loft configuration. In the end, the individual wishes and desires of those looking to live at The Avenue at South Orange will determine which of the many different floor plans will fit them best.








7) Quote from Cynthia Hernandez of The Avenue at South Orange