The Wonder of Nature Can Be Found Close at Hand to The Avenue at South Orange


There are a good number of reasons why individuals flock to The Avenue luxury apartment complex in South Orange, New Jersey. Some might choose to live in the quaint township of 16,380 souls due to its proximity to New York City while others may be focusing on their education by attending Seton Hall University. (1) While there are a lot of artistic and cultural amenities to be found in and around South Orange, there is the added delight of a great deal of natural beauty. Residents of The Avenue at South Orange are quite pleased to know that the wonder of the natural world can be experienced within just a few short minutes after leaving the building.

The local inhabitants take a great deal of pride in the area’s natural beauty. One of the most popular destinations for residents of The Avenue is the South Orange Community Garden. This garden is located within a small portion of Riverside Park and consists of 49 raised-bed garden plots that each measure 4 feet by 12 feet. (2) The purpose of the garden is to promote and educate the citizens about organic, sustainable, ornamental, and edible plant culture through the use of a recreational and organic community garden. The garden is supervised  by  the South Orange Community Garden Group, who are all registered gardeners. Individuals can purchase a seasonal permit for a garden plot from the township, and people can come visit the community garden in the spring and summer during daylight hours.

The South Mountain Reservation is another popular spot for those looking to take in the beauty of the great outdoors. The South Mountain Reservation is a nature preserve that covers 2,112 acres in total and lies between the first and second ridges of the Watchung Mountain Range. (3) The reservation has been extremely preserved in its natural state, featuring woodlands composed of a variety of hardwood trees, creeks, hemlocks that rise majestically over streams, and ponds. Visitors can travel to the summit of the eastern ridge and view New York, Union, Elizabeth, Newark, and Staten Island. A prized spot within the preserve for the inhabitants of The Avenue at South Orange is the dramatic 25-foot waterfall found at Hemlock Falls. Of historic interest in the South Mountain Reservation is Washington Rock, an overlook that served as an observation point in the Revolutionary War and the War of 1812.

The township of South Park operates a total of 8 parks, encompassing just over 71 acres in total. (4) Grove Park features a walking track as well as a playground where parents can let their little tykes work off their pent-up energy. Floods Hill has areas for kite flying, jogging, walking, soccer, and even sledding during the winter. Cameron Field has amenities for walking, jogging, field sports, baseball, and a whopping 7 lighted tennis courts. Young children can enjoy the healthy benefits of outdoor exercise at Meadowland Park as it contains 4 softball/Little League diamonds and a soccer field, and adults can enjoy the jogging track. A number of those living at The Avenue at South Orange wish to be a little bit more leisurely in enjoying the outdoors, which they can do by playing Bocce or horseshoes at Duck Pond. Ice skating is also available during the winter.

Vivian Penha of The Avenue at South Orange says, “Our residents have varying reasons why they chose to live at The Avenue, such as proximity to work or the rich cultural aspects of the area. One feature of living in South Orange that they all can agree on is that there is an abundance of natural beauty that can enjoyed within a few minutes after stepping outside our lobby. The township maintains a large number of parks that offer a wide variety of amenities, such as jogging and swimming. Personally, I enjoy going over and looking at the community garden during the season. It amazes me to see how much of a green thumb some people have, and the flora on display is astounding. Of course, one of the biggest spots for enjoying the grandeur of nature is at the South Mountain Reservation. I know a lot of our residents enjoy renting a horse and going horseback riding there, and Hemlock Falls is a truly impressive sight. For our residents who have four-legged friends, there are quite a few off-leash dog parks that can be found in and around South Orange. Few things make enjoying the great outdoors more pleasurable than seeing your dog running around with joyous abandon.” (5)

As one can see, there is a plethora of opportunities for those residing at The Avenue at South Orange to enjoy the beauty of the natural world. The South Mountain Reservation offers over 2000 acres of natural splendor, and the township of South Orange operates 8 parks for locals to enjoy a number of different outdoor activities. For those who enjoy the fruits of a green thumb, they can visit the South Orange Community Garden or choose to cultivate a plot themselves. All in all, there are a myriad of ways that one can enjoy the great outdoors in South Orange, New Jersey.






5) Quote from Vivian Penha of The Avenue at South Orange