Quality Education Can be Found Close to The Avenue at South Orange


No one in their right mind disputes the value of an education. Parents have long implored their children to hit the books in order to get ahead later in life, and the potential wage difference between a college education and a high school diploma is startling. A 2013 study showed that people aged 25 to 32 had a median income that was $17,500 more than those in the same age group who only had a high school diploma. (1) Still, a solid primary education is necessary for success on the collegiate level. A good education is vital for attaining success, which is why residents of The Avenue at South Orange, New Jersey, are happy to have so many educational opportunities close at hand.

One of the many benefits for those living at the luxurious The Avenue is that South Orange has a small town feel, featuring an estimated 16,380 residents, while still offering city-sized benefits. (2) Public education falls under the purview of the South Orange-Maplewood School District that services both South Orange and nearby Maplewood. Overall, there are ten schools in the district, with four located in South Orange: Marshall Elementary School, South Mountain Elementary School, South Mountain Annex, and South Orange Middle School. The district’s high school, Columbia High School, is located in nearby Maplewood. There are 6,879 students enrolled in the public school system, and there is a staff-to-student ratio of 1:10.6 and an average class size between 20 to 25 pupils. (3) Residents of The Avenue at South Orange are quite happy that the school district spends $18,655 per student, which is quite a bit higher than the national average. Teachers in the district earn a healthy paycheck with a median annual salary of $74,760, which helps to attract teachers of quality. (4) This quality is reflected in the fact that Zillow.com gives an overall rating of 8/10 to both South Orange Middle School and the South Mountain Annex. (5)

Parents living at The Avenue at South Orange also have a number of private school options available if they do not wish to use the public school system. There are four private schools located within South Orange, mostly catering to younger children, with other schools located in nearby communities. There is the Beth El Preschool Kindergarten that emphasizes the Jewish faith and is for grades NS-PK. The Our Lady of Sorrows School is a Roman Catholic institution that began in 1890 and now serves grades PK-8. (6) The South Orange Country Day School is for grades PK-KG, and the Marylawn of the Oranges Academy is a Roman Catholic high school serving grades 7-12.

South Orange, New Jersey, has the distinction of being home to one of the country’s finest Catholic universities in the form of Seton Hall. This 58-acre institution of higher learning was founded in 1856 and now offers more than 90 majors to their nearly 10,000 undergraduate and graduate students. (7) This prestigious university has been singled out for distinction by the US News & World Report, Bloomberg Businessweek, and The Princeton Review. Seton Hall also has the honor of being the oldest diocesan university in the United States. Some of the famous alumni of Seton Hall include film director Raoul Walsh, sports anchors Dick Vitale and Bob Ley, actor Chuck Connors, and Charles J. Watters, a chaplain who was posthumously awarded the Medal of Honor for his bravery shown while rescuing wounded soldiers in the Battle of Dak To during the Vietnam War.

Jeff Mallouk of The Avenue at South Orange says, “Getting a quality education is a must in today’s world in order for anyone to succeed. Fortunately for the residents of The Avenue, the local community offers a superb educational experience through both the public and private school system. Education has been a hallmark of South Orange throughout its history. This is clearly evident by the Our Lady of Sorrows private school that has operated since 1890 and the world-renowned Seton Hall University, which was founded back in 1856. Another facet of educational opportunity available for both young and old is to become immersed in the arts through classes and workshops held at either The Baird or the South Orange Performing Arts Center. Subjects that one can immerse themselves into include ballet, poetry, film, painting, drawing, and more. The local township has always placed a great emphasis upon education, and it shows.” (8)

Overall, there are a good deal of educational opportunities located in close proximity to The Avenue at South Orange. The local public school system boasts a great teacher-to-student ratio as well as per-pupil spending. The private schools found in and around South Orange help prepare young people for further education, and Seton Hall has long been an integral part of the community. For those seeking to enrich themselves artistically, there are a quite a few classes and workshops held at the South Orange Performing Arts Center and The Baird that can be taken. Families who live in The Avenue are quite happy knowing that they have plenty of quality institutions of learning for their children to attend within a short commute.


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