2022 – Are You Ready?

It’s Not Always All About You, But Should Be.

Self-care is for everyone, regardless of how you are getting along emotionally.

Using positive coping strategies now will help decrease the impacts of stress in the present and the future.

Engaging in regular self-care and positive coping practices increases physical and emotional well-being.

And after 2021, we have all needed to learn and master better-coping skills.


Assess: What are the ways in which you care for yourself now? Are there things that you wish that you could change? Do you have friends that will support you during your transitions?

Plan: Make and create a plan to care for yourself. Honesty is vitally important. Don’t try to manage by yourself. If you need help, ask for it!

Check In: There are so many resources for you to utilize, free of charge in the community. It’s all there for the asking.

Engage: Engage with counseling programs on social media and express your concerns. You are not alone. Many people are experiencing sadness, fear and loneliness.


Take care of yourself first. We can only care for others as well as we care for ourselves.

Share your self care practices with those around you. We are interconnected and our wellness is too.

Educate those you love on the physical and emotional benefits of self care and positive coping.


Here are a few of the resources in our area: