Halloween Events Abound Close to The Avenue at South Orange

Residents of The Avenue can enjoy nearby Halloween activities

The most macabre season of the year is back as children anxiously await the arrival of Halloween so that they can gorge themselves on the candy that they will accumulate. Many people celebrate Halloween all month long, and age is no limit as both young and old enjoy this spooky holiday. A full 85.3 of individuals aged 18-24 plan on celebrating Halloween, and this high percentage remains pretty steady as 71.3 of people aged 35-44 plan on doing likewise. Halloween has become big business due to costumes, candy, decorations, and themed attractions. Overall, a whopping $7.95 billion was spent on Halloween fun in 2015. (1) Practically every community in the United States has events and activities for both the fall season and Halloween. Fortunately for the residents of the luxurious The Avenue at South Orange, there are plenty of Halloween-themed things to do within a short commute from the apartment complex.

Many Cultural Venues Abound Close to The Avenue at South Orange

The Avenue at South Orange lies in close proximity to numerous cultural venues

A lot of considerations are made when determining where one chooses to live. One of the most important considerations is usually the job market, which can also include proximity to where one works. Another factor may be the quality of the school system if an individual has children. Some people want the slower pace of small town living while others may prefer the more energetic tone of the big city. Then there are those who look for a vibrant cultural and artistic scene in figuring out where to live. Fortunately for the residents of The Avenue at South Orange, New Jersey, there are many cultural events and venues that can be found within a short distance from the apartment complex.

Historical Places and Landmarks Abound Near The Avenue at South Orange

Many historical places can be found close to The Avenue at South Orange

As a country and a culture, the United States does not exist in a vacuum. The current state and identity of the country was founded on a great deal of history, both remembered and forgotten. Past events have helped forge a unique country in the world’s setting, and many of the most pivotal events and innovations have occurred in the Northeast. It seems that the very hills and valleys of states like New Jersey are brimming with history, from colonial battlefields to cemeteries from before the nation’s founding. While living at The Avenue at South Orange, New Jersey, offers luxurious living, another great benefit is that a great deal of American history is located nearby for visiting and reflection.

The Benefits of Living at The Avenue at South Orange and Working in New York City


New York City has long been celebrated in song, literature, and the movies. It is the city of big dreams and of endless opportunity. Every year, untold thousands stream into the city to make a stab at their big break, whether it’s acting on stage at Broadway or becoming a major player on Wall Street. This city of 8,550,405 individuals is considered the financial and cultural capital of the entire United States. (1) Practically every industry can be found in New York City, and many of the top Fortune 500 companies have their headquarters there. NYC is also where many foreign companies have their US offices located. Yet achieving the dream of success in NYC does not come easy or cheap, which is why many people choose to commute into the city. There are definite tangible benefits for living in a bedroom community, such as The Avenue at South Orange, New Jersey, and commuting into New York City for work.